… When I used the Squiggle Chair for the first time, I was truly amazed how convenient and easy it was to use. I was able to wash her hair and condition without getting soap in her eyes. I was able to manage her bath with no problem. the washing process was such a great success and I’m so thankful that the complications are over with hair washing, getting soap in her eyes and getting water in the ears. After washing her hair, she wanted to get her hair washed a second time. Thanks Squiggle Chair for making hair washing a fun time.

- Angela L.

young--child… The Squiggle Chair is an awesome, and amazing seat for easy bath time use.  I loved that this seat was

This seat is perfect for the use when a child is ill, or disabled.  As the child can sit without having to be held up.  And, the parents can then have both hands free to bathe the child.so easy to use, and perfect for keeping the shampoo suds out of the child’s eyes and the water out of the ears.  My 5 yr. old granddaughter loved the seat.  She was so excited to sit in it, and enjoyed having her hair washed with ease.  Plus she was so happy that no suds got in her eyes.  She was so comfortable in it that she didn’t want to get out after her bath.

I know the Squiggle Chair will be a wonderful and useful tool to make every bath time fun and easy for the child and the parent.  As we really enjoyed it.

- Jennifer Castle.


… The Squiggle Chair is good for children to relax while getting their hair washed. Shampoo doesn’t get into their eyes. The Squiggle Chair makes it fun to get hair washed.

- Linda H.

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